Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Post Mortem

So. The Chicken Ranch is closed down, and the post show blues have set in.

It always happens. Sometimes I'm more sad than others when a play ends, because you know that organic piece of live theatre will never be the same, ever again. I wasn't sad for the work to end, necessarily, because, you know, I hurt and stuff. ;) But I will miss the people. And I'll get to work with some of them again one day, if I'm lucky. I'm just having play withdrawal. TBLWiT was a singular experience for me, not loving to perform in musicals, but it stretched me as a dancer and a singer, and for that I am grateful, if not crying that I don't have six more weeks of shows.

God forbid. LOL. My joints would stage a revolt, I'm pretty sure.

There's a few other plays that look good for the season... and the theatre's doing Grease in May. Makes me wonder if I should break my 'no musical' rule yet again. Something to think about.

It's been rainy and lonely today to suit my mood, and I've watched every episode of TV that I've missed for the last six weeks. Glee ROCKS, Supernatural is gettin' good (wtc - Paris Hilton?!), Dexter looks promising and Bones.... *is giddy*

Anyway, there's some post show pics under the cut.

In the dressing room, in my "Hard Candy Christmas" outfit.  Yes I had a a few solo lines.  Scary.

At my Party with Natasha.  (Taddy Jo, another whore)

All of Miss Mona's girls

An actor prepares...

With Heather (Miss Mona)  And Valerie, who was the hair stylist for the show.

On set at the Chicken Ranch

I hated this dress like you read about.  Talk about shoving 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lb bag...

Anyway, still no show pics.  That's okay, though.  These have inspired me to start the 30 day shred.  Wish me luck.  Though by the looks of my chub, I might have to extend it to the 90 day shred.  Or the 120 day shred. ;)

Tags: picture, theatre, you can set a watch by my bad moods

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