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Sold Out Houses Give Me Warm Fuzzy Feelings....

I love them. Seriously. Great audience tonight.

The show is going very well... I took pictures tonight, but I swear, I have so many quick changes that there isn't enough time to take pictures of all my cool costumes in between!

I made 120 cake truffles and some sugar-free strawberry nut bread (for the diabetics in the cast) for good show gifts tonight, and as I was packing up the empty plates, Allen, the director, asked:

Allen. "Did you make all that?"

Me. (grin) Yep. I'm a whore, but I cook on the side.

Allen. That's my definition of a good wife.

(*rim shot sound effect*)

Now? I think I'm going to have a glass of wine and soak my aching joints in a bubble bath. So that's where I'll be if anyone needs me. :)

Love to all!

OH! Crud. I forgot to do my 2ormore post yesterday. Stink. Sorry, sorry, heyurs! I did enjoy the sweet card you sent me, though. It made me smile. You rock. :D
Tags: cooking, drama, theatre

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