Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Thing # 489 no one tells you about parenthood:

Your kids inherit your sense of humor. And smart mouth.


(The family is in my dressing area, and I'm combing the boys hair for school. Ethan is waxing rhapsodic about what he wants to be for Halloween -This process starts in early summer at my house- to the point where Aaron and I are a little eye roll-y about it. Aaron makes eye contact with me in the mirror; he gives me an "I got this" kind of look and interrupts his brother.)

Ethan. But if I'm Indiana Jones again, I want to have his satchel, whip and hat, unless mom can find the Annakin Sywalker from the Clone Wars--

Aaron. If you don't shut up about it, Mom'll make you be a clown.

Ethan. (is distracted for 2 seconds) Ew. (Goes right back into rhapsodizing) Or maybe Commander Rex--

Aaron. (mutters) A clown with a bloody nose it is.


In other news, Safety patrol is KILLING ME.

Now that's ironic.
Tags: aaron, adventures in parenting, cute kid story, ethan

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