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To be on the wire is life. The rest is... waiting. - Bob Fosse

It's been awhile since I've done a proper "life catch up" post. *

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas opens Thursday at the Amarillo Little Theatre, wherein I play Linda Lou, a girl working at the Chicken Ranch.** The show is solid, and funny, and musically sound, so say the directors. For my part? I've spent the majority of the last five weeks going up and down stairs and dancing in three and a half inch heels. Nothing can hurt me, y'all. I'm ready. Bring it.  Plus, I got to do my own costumes, and I have to say, they're awfully sassy.  Garters and thigh high stockings and vintage red slips and bejeweled floor length gowns.  HEE!  Chriselda (the theatre's photographer) is taking pictures tonight, so I'll have some to post next week sometime.

Ethan made both the honor choir and the safety patrol.  He has to be at the school at 7:30.  Dear God in heaven above, deliver me from the Safety Patrol.  Aaron is unamused that he has to get up earlier to accomodate his brother's responsibilities.  I, for one, understand where the kid's coming from.

I'm still working at the library again this year, with the added new bonus of having a little job reading books to the special needs class, oral interpretation style.  I started today, and it was fun.  I really enjoy reading books aloud, I always have (plus, it's one of the few things I do well).  And they seemed to enjoy it.  Win/win.

I think I may volunteer at one of the hospitals doing much the same thing.  Wish I could parlay it into an actual, paying, job.***

What else?  Because I'm ridiculously crazy, I'm writing for a new HP rpg, turn_left_rpg , set after book 7 and with no reference whatsoever to the EoD.****  *shakes head*  Too, too fun.  And addictive.  I also and still writing for si_muove_rpg , and I'm posting a new R/P at various communities and on my writing journal, carriescribbles .

I'm having lunch with the Education Director of the Theatre today, who I love more than my luggage.  And It's FALL.  Life is FABULOUS!

* If you don't give a rip about me and my life, this is you chance to escape.  No hard feelings.
**which is the cleaned up version of "whore" and "whorehouse" respectively that you can sell to the grey-haired blue hairs that may attend :D
***I sound like Nolan.  :P
****Epilogue of Doom
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