Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Ladies and Gentlemen, Carrie has hit a wall.

And by that, I mean that when I awoke this morning, my muscles swore at me with words that would make a merchant seaman blush scarlet. I see Myoflex and ibuprofen in my immediate future.

After working out and going to rehearsals nonstop for the past six weeks, it appears that I'm going to need some down time. To recoup. I have TWO days for this to happen until hell week (The theatrical term for the week of incorporating costumes, lights, sound and orchestra into the production - usually horrifically grueling rehearsals). My sweet husband has planned our company's trip to take all of the employees to the Dallas area to see a Ranger game, so I'll spend some good down time in the bus, napping, hopefully, watching my ipod and MAYBE writing a little.

But today, I'm skipping the workout. I've got to go to the grocery store, and then to Dillards or Kohls or somewhere to get some strapless, suck-me-in, push-me-up foundation garment so I won't have to be naked in front of the people backstage, four of which are former students of mine. So, yeah, that would be weird.

And I probably need to get Nolan a birthday gift. He turns the big 4-0 on Sunday. Wow. He's OLD(er than me)! And mom and Tom are coming in to watch the boys while we're away, so I should probably herd out the dustbunnies from under the guest bed.

Who needs a workout when you've got a to do list like that! Fingers crossed that all the pain is gone by Sunday night! Have a great weekend, all!
Tags: nolan, rehearsal, to do list, vacation

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