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A Cornucopia of a Personal Posts

Rehearsals are going well. We had a costume parade last night, and the director liked all of my costumes. With the exception of one sheer, red peignoir, I'd bought all of them for me, so I made sure they looked good. For one, he said I looked too classy, and that I needed to make it a little more trashy (!?), one got a "Va va va voom!" and the other two he said he really, really liked. I'm keeping and wearing the zebra print(!) dress after this is all said and done, just so everyone is aware.

Man, I love costumes.

The rear slapping is going well; I only made a few mistakes in choreography last night, and we still have two weeks to go. So that's a relief. I cannot, however, do the dances in the four inch stripper shoes. Cest la vie. They look great with the costume and the make me TALL! But I might kill myself and take out four or five others with me if I try to spin in them, so they're out.

I really like the group of girls I'm working with. Girls on the whole are a catty bunch, but these women seem to be down to Earth, genuinely lovely people. It's a good thing, because we all have to be nearly naked together a bunch.

I'm getting my hair colored in a few minutes. I'd forgotten to make an appointment when I had it done last time, so there's an INCH of new growth. I'm GREY. Not that anyone will EVER know, because I sure as crap am not going to grow old gracefully. Screw that. I want to look YOUNG! (Feeling young is definitely out, as my hips were screaming, "Bitch!" at me this morning when I got up, but LOOKING young I think I can manage for a few more years.)

And last but not least, I just had a parent/teacher conference with Ethan's fourth grade teachers. I know he's a great kid, (I'm biased) but it's nice to hear it from other people. They said that he's excelling in everything, is a fantastic role model for the other boys, he's social, but follows the rules, he participates in class, and that he's becoming a great leader.

I wonder what A.J.'s teachers will say?
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