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Happy Saturday, all.

So I used to have terrible, awful no good headaches. Migraines. Since the age of eight, I remember being nauseous and getting tunnel vision - thinking I was going to die. Back then there was no "Migraine Medicine," the only stuff they gave me knocked me completely out. Once I was in high school, Imitrex came out, and let me tell you, I praised God. It allowed me to function and drive and everything even while having a headache.

About four years ago, God saw fit to take the burden of headaches away from me, and again, I was thankful. I haven't had a true migraine, not like I used to, since May of 2005. A blessing, for sure. This morning, however, I woke up with a killer headache. I wouldn't characterize it as a migraine, but it was still bad, and I was still sick, and slept it off, sort of.

I had a achy head all day long. I tried all the usual tricks, to no avail. Even now as i sit and type this I have a headache - or just the sore place where the headache used to be. Does that make any sense at all?

In non-complaining news, my sons were baptized tonight in church. Nolan got to do it, and it was a very sweet time. My husband Nolan, the bigger than life, boisterous, man's man choked up a little bit in the baptistry as he was talking about them before they were immersed. Several people came up to me afterward and said how moving it was. It was a good night, for sure, headache or not.
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