November 13th, 2013

the queen is not amused

Just when you thought the dentist's office couldn't get more unpleasant...

You find out that you were most definitely WRONG.

I'm habitual about things. I make appointments for the hairdresser and the dentist ahead of time, scheduled months in advance, to make sure I have a spot in their rotation. Unlike the hairdresser, where the most uncomfortable thing is putting your neck in the hair-washing sink, or maybe the odor of hair-coloring chemicals, a dental visit never runs out of ways to piss me off. And yet the masochist I am, I go every six months like clockwork.

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So I'm in the clear for the next six months. But you can be sure that when my next appointment rolls around, I will be requesting ANYONE but Amber. Maybe she'll have changed careers by then; she joined something more suited to her temperament, like drug warlord. Or professional sadist.

One can only hope.