April 22nd, 2012

Writer advancing senility

The Inevitable Snowman

So I went to a hockey game Friday night.

That sounds like me, right?

And it would have been alright, except for the fact that I called the start of play a 'puck off' and was consequently made fun of for the rest of the night.

And there was a sixty-something woman with a cowbell two rows behind us that insisted on ringing the bloody thing for the ENTIRE GAME. And when her wrist got tired, she beat on the thing with a stick.

She survived only because I am a good, Christian woman who frequently observes the Judeo-Christian ethic of 'Thou shalt not kill.'

But generally, the hockey game was fine. Boys beating the crap out of each other on ice was entertaining. And the Amarillo Bulls won. I'm not a high-fiver, but I was around people that were, so I high-fived. And I even explained some of the rules to Nolan, due to the fact that I watched a boyfriend in college play for about a billion hours on Sega. Or something.

In other news, I'm in the "Elite Eight" in my writing competition, against a writer (and friend) I cannot possibly hope to beat. I sent in my submission already instead of messing with it, and I feel good. It's very me. So there you have it.

The prompt for the submission was "Inevitable." When I asked my family (on the way to the hockey game) what they thought I should write, Ethan suggested the "Inevitable Snowman."

He was not kidding.

But now I'm thinking about it. Who wouldn't?