October 16th, 2011

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Past the Point of No Return

So. Hello, friends. Remember me? I used to have a blog in this spot.

But I've been overwhelmed lately. It leaves little time to be pithy on livejournal.

I had a full on spewing hot, molten crazy-red in the face-heart palpitations-meltdown on Thursday afternoon. In front of people. Nice, right?

Since then, I've made the decision to be much more Zen. Yes, I have nine million and four appointments, engagements and tasks to be completed this week. Will they get done? Most likely. Will I stress and have nightmares about leaving something unfinished? No, I will not.


No. No, I won't. I'll ask for help. I will prioritize. I WILL NOT AGREE TO DO ONE MORE THING without first consulting God, my husband, my horoscope and Abbey the yellow lab. I will not take on more than a normal human being can do. Besides, my niece and nephew are staying with us this week, and the entertainment value is HIGH. I don't want to miss out on that.

Plus, I'm not cute when I do the meltdown thing.

And we know being cute is high on the list of Very Important Things.

It's at least number six.
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