September 7th, 2010

character shoes

It's Monday. Only it's Tuesday. And Friday won't matter.

I had a really great weekend.

Thursday Mom and Tom came for a few days. It was a fantastic visit, one of those where I wish that we lived closer. She watched a rehearsal, we cooked, and went down to Sixth Street (historic Route 66) to look at the pretty antiques, and to the Galleries at Sunset Center to look at all the art. And then we cooked some more. Girl Scout cookies, Coconut cake, roasted chicken, pizza, and pasta. I may or may not have fallen off the wagon (*cough*). It was a good time.

On a sad note, Mark, the man who was making the documentaries for the theatre passed away suddenly on Saturday morning. He was a sweet, funny man and a friend. His daughter, Terry, is one of those few kiddos that I truly count as one of my own (even now that she's grown). Mark will be missed more than I can say.

Yet, the show must go on. And this week starts intensive rehearsals for South Pacific. Fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly.