May 18th, 2010

Frank the creepy ass owl

Dr. Who and Frank


You all remember Frank, right?

Frank is the creepy ass concrete owl who lives in my backyard at the behest of my husband. (If you want to read about Frank, click the 'Frank' tag. It might give you some amusement.) I think Frank is weird and that he watches me, and Nolan thinks Frank is cool. He inherited him when he bought our last house from the old couple who lived there for forty years. And then made the move with us to our new house, sadly.

Anyway, after watching episode five of the newest Dr. Who I'm EVEN MORE creeped out by Frank.


...and my concrete owl? I see similarities. And we're DEFINITELY not getting any more statuary.

Love Dr. Who. LOVE Amy. And her hair. And her red jumper. She's just cute all over.

Anyway. Carry on. Just thought I'd share.