November 13th, 2009

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Day 12

American Museum of Natural History - pictures as dinosaurs. :D
Shake Shack
Mac Counter
Wrote three words
Carrie Fisher in Wishful Drinking
Havana Cuban Food
Stupid raisins stay out of my cookies

Day 13

We've had a lazy day, but chock full of stuff.

I had chocolate crepes with candied bananas and an orange reduction for breakfast... yum!

We went shopping; well, I went shopping at Anthropologie! Finally! I got a really cute top and some Christmas presents for my sister and sister-in-law. Nolan went to the top of the rock observatory, and then we went to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.

Think it's too late for me to be a Rockette?  Pfft.  Never mind.  You have to be at least 5'6" tall.  It's a fair bet I'm not going to grow anymore in this lifetime.

We had lunch/dinner at an Irish Pub with the CUTEST little reheaded Irish waitress.  Her accent was adorable.

Tonight, we're going to see Superior Donuts.  And we'll be home tomorrow.  It's been a great trip.

Word Count...  um... the day's not over?  I'll make it up once I get home? :D