October 7th, 2009

redshoes on bookstack

The good, the bad and the ugly

Crappy: My dad and aunt aren't coming to see me this weekend.

Crappier: My granny's in the hospital.

Good: I have a very clean house.

Better: Nolan and I are booked with hotel and airfare for a trip to NYC 11/9-14

Crappy: Absolutely no one showed up for church home group tonight.

Good: I'm having an after party for the cast and crew on Friday night.

Okay: I have a morning full of errands tomorrow morning.

Better: I've written something like 10 scenes in the past week.

Even Better: I have a fun idea for my class tomorrow.

Best: Nolan and I had a great night alone tonight.

Great: There are four more performances of 'Whorehouse.'

Fantastic: The kids' report cards were fantastic.

It all evens out, folks. It all evens out.