June 2nd, 2009

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Try These. You won't be Disappointed.

Before I moved to Amarillo from the more humid climate of the Dallas area, I didn't have any wrinkles.

Of course, I was 25, then. But I maintain that one of the reasons I have more wrinkles and dry skin is not because I'm eleven years older now, but because the climate here is so very, very arid. It's dry, y'all. We have a celebration when it rains, which it did last night. I did a little dance and stood on the back porch watching it for about 20 minutes. Good times.

But I digress. I preface with the wrinkle/old whining because I'm doing another one of those "Things I Can't Live Without" Product endorsement posts.

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So that's it. What's your favorite beauty Product? Other product? Thing you absolutely cannot live without? Share! I want to know!