February 5th, 2009

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Kids these days...

I have haiku prizes but no addresses for numbaby , jessicakmalfoy , and peacefulwmn9 .  If you ladies want to claim your prize, just drop a line to persephone3333@gmail.com.  Trust me, I'm not a stalker.  I don't have the inclination, energy or follow through required for that level of weirdness.  :D

Overheard at rehearsal:

15 year-old girl actress.  So I was telling my friends about this show and when they asked what it was about, I said there was a kid who swears a lot and a boy who looks at girlie magazines.

13 year-old boy actor.    Cussing and porn.  Sounds like my kind of show.


When did kids get so worldly wise?  The guy playing the father and I just went O.O.

Also, I was informed randomly by one of the boys that plays one of the sons in the show that cockroaches could live without their heads for up to to weeks.  I told him thanks for the information.  For the most part, they're super cute boys.  And by default as the only woman on the set (the actress who plays the nun is only there sporadically,) I have mothered and coddled and tied some shoelaces.  I expect I'll even bake some cookies for them all next week when I'm not coughing my head off.  I have bronchitis.  Woot.  I got an antibiotic, an inhaler, and a shot in my rear end.

After the injection yesterday, I told the nurse 'thank you,' as I was pulling up my jeans.  That gave me pause.  I mean, yes, she performed a service that is bound to help, but she also just shoved a 2 inch needle in my hip.  Weird customs, pleasantries.

C is for Carrie

Three Things:

One:  I got shiny new icons.  I lurrrrrve them.  You may view the shiny here.

Two:  This is hysterical.

Make your own Here.

Three:  I want to write tomorrow, if I haven't coughed up a lung.  So about 10 a.m. my time, I'll be looking for the usual suspects.  :D

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