January 26th, 2009

my idea of housework

My Decorating Mojo

I love to go antiquing. Love it. I love buying something that might have a story attached, that someone else has loved and used, especially if it retains its aesthetic beauty.

I like old stuff. Old, pretty stuff.

And I've had this wall in my breakfast nook, this vast expanse of empty wall that I knew I wanted to do something a little funky with, but still have it look like it belongs with the rest of the house. Week before last, I went to some antique stores on Route 66 (Yep, that Route 66 - As in "Get your kicks on") better known here as Sixth Street. I bought several antique plates, all for $15 or less, and decided that I was going to arrange them in a pleasing manner on the wall in my breakfast nook.

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And if you don't like this, you certainly don't have to tell me. It made me happy, so I posted. :D