November 20th, 2008

Frank the creepy ass owl

Oh, poor, poor, pitiful Frank...

*insert maniacal laughter here*

Amarillo is a windy, windy place. Chicago? You got NOTHING on us. Seriously. The tumbleweeds are taking over.

Perhaps you remember my arch nemesis Frank?  *pokes icon*  If you don't remember, or are new to my special breed of prejudice against birds, you can read about my relationship with the creepy-ass stone owl here, here, here or here.

But I digress. So hubs is down in the big D this evening, staying with Mom, who loves him enough to give him a bed and leftovers, thankfully. I have not had a stellar day, but I really needed a win this afternoon. I had a great theatre class, but just before I left for that, I was on the phone with Nolan, and I happened to look out the window into the backyard.

Collapse )

*more evil laughter*

Clearly, I need help.

Also, Google themes are love.

And I just got off the phone with Daddy, and he's great.  Prayers answered!  Woo hoo!