August 1st, 2008

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It IS the most important meal of the day....

So breakfast is a big deal to my Aaron.

He likes to determine (more like 'place an order,' actually) what he's going to eat for breakfast when I'm tucking him in the night before.


(Last night as Carrie is kissing cheeks and turning on nightlights)

Aaron.  What are we going to have for breakfast in the morning?

Ethan.  (to A.J.)  I chose pancakes this morning.  So you can choose tomorrow.

Carrie.  (under her breath) That's benevolent.

Aaron.  Okay.  Can we have eggs?

Carrie.  Yep, sure thing.

Aaron.  Fried eggs?

Carrie.  Yes.

Aaron.  With English mufins?

Carrie.  Yeah.

Aaron.   With butter and jelly?

Carrie. (...)  Yes.

(Carrie goes back downstairs and crashes almost immediately, and is awakened at 9:45 a.m. by Aaron, who crawls into bed with his mommy, all warm and cuddly, and pats her as she is waking up)

Aaron.  (whispers)  So when are the eggs going to be ready?


Yeah.  What am I doing sleeping when there are eggs to be cooked?!  :D