April 20th, 2008

Evil bunnies

I think word has spread in the animal kingdom.

*sigh* I know how this sounds.

I do. Honestly. Bunnies, squirrels, dolphins and the odd stone OWL are all on my list on nemeses. But now I have to add woodpeckers to the list.

There was a knocking on my side door; no one ever comes to that door, so I wander over to see who's there, and I see the red crested head of a woodpecker, pecking on the door frame.

What. The. Heck, ya'll.

This neighborhood doesn't even have trees big enough for woodpeckers! I opened the door and shooed him away. But he came back. Twice.

Thinking of pulling Frank from where he's lurking behind the tree and setting him on the porch to scare Woody off. More likely, they'd form some sort of coalition to take me down.

Whatever. Real reason for the post? I started a new project!

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And I make dishtowels to match! I'm thinking of opening one of those Etsy stores. Goodness knows everyone and their dog has one. Maybe Nolan would get off my back about having so many hobbies that generate no revenue, whatsoever. :D