April 1st, 2008

Firefly pompous/crazy

You know you watch too much Firefly when...

Your almost eight year-old son calls the video game he's playing a piece of go-seh.

I told him not to swear.  Not even in Mandarin. (Then I went into the bathroom and giggled.)


Also?  Nolan never called Southwestern Bell to get phone service hooked up in the new house.  He said we might not have phones (thus no internet) for TWO weeks.  Hello?  HELLO?  Sometimes I wonder about the man.

And writing a second exchange fic is the most fun EVER in the world.  There's absolutely no pressure, and the prompt is easy peasy, man.  Plus, I'm doing it WITH seegrim, which I hope is not against the rules.  Plus I get to write Narcissa.  I heart Narcissa a BUNCH.  I think I might channel her a little sometimes.  :)

Look!  April Fool's Day, and not a joke in sight.