January 27th, 2008

redshoes on bookstack


So.  We're back from Austin.  Had a fabulous time.  Did some antiquing.  Nabbed some fabby Spode plates that were far underpriced, (score!) and some antique handkercheifs for my collection.  So pretty.

We did Austin-y things.  Kerby Lane.  Chuys, SoCo, Magnolia Cafe.  6th Street.  I'm far to old for that by the way.  I know, because I had an interesting hungover conversation with seegrimthe next morning in which it took two hours to reply in the document I was working in.

Oooh!  Also, saw 27 Dresses at the Alamo Drafthouse.  Seriously, any movie theatre that sells beer & food, and has waiters that cater to you during the movie?  Okay in my book.  And 27 Dresses?  Well, I didn't care for Katherine Heigl at all (with the exception of the dress montage), but James Marsden?  So.  Much. Love.  I didn't feel the chemistry between them even a little bit, and wanted to rip her out of the way, so I could do it properly.  Guh.  The boy is adorable.  Benny and the Jets?  Out of this world.  Though, the lyrics are right there on the album cover!  (sue_bridehead?  Can I get an amen?)

We also toured the capitol building.  I am such an architecture geek.  Have pics to post.  Maybe tomorrow. 

So tired.  There's no place like home.