January 19th, 2008

sock puppet

Ticky Box!

So... I pouted for a lot of the week because Nolan didn't get me anything for my birthday. Correction. He did. He got me a bottle of lotion and a bottle of bubble bath. I pouted, quietly, pretending as if I didn't care.

Meanwhile, seegrim sent me a collectible teapot, teacup and stand (so adorable, I gave a litle happy sigh when I unwrapped it), elyaeru gave me an LJ gift certificate, Dad sent a check, and I got well wishes and fun comments, and e-cards from the flist, but nothing from hubs.

Admittedly, time is fluid in Nolanland. It doesn't always happen on anyone else's timetable. I know this. And he abhors the greeting card holidays. Valentine's day, mother's day, etc., I can practically guarantee I get zilch. However, a random Thursday? Yep, he brings me flowers, Or does something nice. So I usually don't complain. But he usually gets the birthday right. Thus, the pout.

So yesterday he brings me my birthday present. Wholly unexpected. A brand new, HP Pavillion dv6000 LAPTOP. Oh, my, he is lovely. I am in heaven. I'm currently sitting at the dining table, in close proximity to the kiddos, sipping coffee at the pretty guy.

But he needs a name.

He's sleek, sophisticated, powerful, masculine, and he admittedly turns me on, just a little. So he needs a good name. F-list? You have your work cut out for you!

What should his name be?


Or something else?