November 16th, 2007

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More Weirdness

So I was thinking yesterday about all of the crap we're going to have to move in a couple of months...  (The masons are doing the brick, and they're starting drywall inside, YAY!)  And the one thing that is more daunting than the rest is the fact that we'll have to move my piano.

*sigh*  I should let it go.  

Well, I've tried.  My parents bought it in the early eighties, and we've tried unloading on several people.  My dad even sold it once, but they couldn't get it in the lady's house.  It was too heavy.  I've tried to sell it, tried to give it to several theatres that I've worked for, and still it sits where it has for the last ten years.

Here's the kicker.  I think it's cursed.

I know, I know, f-list, what you're thinking.  Here's Carrie with another one of her weird theories...  but come on, look at this!

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Does anyone else see that the knots in the wood look very much like a DEMON?  Or at the very least, a pissed off longhorn?  Neither of which I want in the living room.  I used to have to keep sheet music up all the time, even when I wasn't practicing, just because the thing creeped me out.  Actually, I think I blame the wood grain for the fact that I'm not more adept at the piano, and not my absolute loathing of sitting down to practice.

It was made by the Estey Piano Company, New York, and the patents on the inside range from April 1873 to June of 1909.

Seriously...  this thing is an episode of Supernatural waiting to happen.

Which would be okay, if Sam and Dean came to visit.  :)