October 26th, 2007

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Extreme Narcissism ahead.  Just skip it if that bothers you.  :)

So, my post the other day got me thinking...  Just how many head shots do I have?  Do I really need to get another?  Does doing commercial work in this burgh really demand it?  They're expensive, but I've lost about 15 lbs. since the last one was taken...  and some of these really suck.  I thought I'd post and see what the f-list has to say.

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So can I salvage one of these?  Or should I shell out the cash and get another?

Okay.  Enough.  No more ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME! posts.

Oh, who am I kidding?    But I'll try to at least be a little more concerned about the world outside of my little cocoon, how's that?
Ethan=Little Draco


Your Life, Predicted:
You will get married, and will not divorce. You will have 3 children. You will live for another 60-70 years.
'The Life Predictor Quiz' at QuizGalaxy.com
 If I have another child, there is a certain urologist in town that will be getting the smackdown from me.
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