October 5th, 2007

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Birthday Greetings and Other Stuff

 It's been one heck of a busy week.  

My mom's been in town, I've had several meetings (unpleasant, at best) Ethan's gotten in trouble at school twice, and I may or may not have screwed up something (that I love) royally.  I just don't know.  On top of all that, my sweet Katie Belle (no, not you, elle_blessing) had to go to the vet again yesterday; she's on four different kinds of medications.  She is, thankfully, feeling much better today, I think, but I've been worried about her, nonetheless.

We leave this morning for our cabin, I think we'll be gone through Monday unless Nolan has to come back early for work.  Oh, I forgot.  Nolan. Nolan is having a bit of a mid life crisis.  I wish he'd just buy a car and have done with the whole thing.  Being moody and morose is just not cutting it for me.  I'm moody enough for the whole family, thankyouverymuch.

I also started a new project. 

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Aaaand it's embe11ished's birthday on Sunday!  *hugs*  I'm sending you a great bottle of virtual wine.  That really sounded better in my head.  Ah, well.  Best wishes, and I hope you have a lovely day.
I talk to myself


 Stolen from elyaeru...

Google (Your name) needs:  and post the first 10 (amusing) entries.

1.  Carrie needs meat.  (No, actually, Carrie is a vegetarian.)
2.  Carrie needs some care, herself.  (Why, yes, she does.)
3.  Carrie needs help.  (Uh huh.  I think anyone who knows me knows this to be true.)
4.  Carrie needs to turn evil.  (You mean I'm not?  Hmph.)
5.  Carrie needs Stanford.  (Erm, I'm not really smart enough for Ivy League, but thanks for thinking of me.)
6.  Carrie needs a boyfriend.  (My husband might have something to sat 'bout that.)
7.  Carrie needs to go through some stuff.  (Oh, does she ever.  I'm moving in 3 months and I gotsta get rid of some crap.)
8.  Carrie needs to change.  (What?  You don't like my outfit?  Pththththth.)
9.  Carrie needs to grow up.  (Whatever.  I've been grown up since I was eight.)
10.  Carrie needs more than deep breathing excersizes.  (Erm, okay, I'll grant them that.)
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