July 5th, 2007

redshoes on bookstack


Do you ever run into people (metaphorically) in real life as well as online and think to yourself, 

"Would you please shut up?  There is no one anywhere who cares anything about what you're saying."

No?  Just me, then?  Okay.
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River Firefly

He Bit You Where?!

After spending last night and most of today having a weird reaction to a wasp sting (Where my back becomes my behind - FIVE TIMES!) I feel much better.  Stupid wasps.  Have no decency, flying up unsuspecting girl's skirts...

Some information I know at least three of you care about:  I'll be teaching Theatre 3, Theatre 4 and Playwrighting in the fall...  and guest teaching here and there in Junior and Senior Companies.  So....  yeah.  Not exactly perfect, but close enough.  I'm pleased.

We're leaving in a few minutes to meet my mother and her husband at the cabin for the weekend.  Should be a good time. Do hope I get some writing done!