June 10th, 2007

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It was an honor to be nominated...

...because really, it was.   The women I was nominated with all ROCKED, and the woman that did win played my mother in Steel Magnolias; she actually even looks a little like my mom.  To put it in her words when I hugged her after,

"Oh, Carrie, you just can't top a 20 minute monologue at the end of the show."

Yup.  A truer word was never spoken.  Soooooo...  I ate, drank, had hubs as arm candy, and I did win an award.  The staff of the theatre gives out "SALT" awards...  like jokes; but they're fun, everyone really likes them.  I got one for The Lonesome West (see all of March & April for my bitching and whining about that).  It's a black comedy set in Ireland with A LOT OF SWEARING.  It's a seriously funny script.  I was Asst. Director, and I had to read in lines for the actors that were missing (along with 4,563 other various duties).  There were only four characters in that show, so no one was absent much.  The first time they were I started reading, and had to stop half way through the line the language was so bad.  It had a hard time coming out of my mouth. (It's different when you're home alone and stub your toe, or are really mad - then they just roll right off ;)).  But by the end of the run, I could do it - no problem.  Anyhoo, they were proud that they'd corrupted me; I got the "Pardon my French" SALT award.  It was funny.

Maybe you had to be there.

Or have slammed back had three some  a few cocktails.

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The Artistic Director of the theatre wants to set up a meeting for me to teach more classes.  (Heidi's leaving - how 'bout that for an inside scoop Carlee (if you'd ever comment I'd remember your damn username) & alittleredhood ?)  Maybe I'll get theatre 3 & 4 back?  Or better yet, Junior and Senior company?  That would be awesome.  I miss teaching acting.  

So all in all, a good evening.  Not the icing, but definitely the cake.  *wink*