March 5th, 2007

redshoes on bookstack

Five Random Things

1.  I am going to see Rick Springfield in concert on Friday.  When my husband showed me the tickets I squealed like a 13 year-old girl.  I don't care if he's sixty - I've still got a crush!  YAY!  Rick Springfield!  WOOO HOOOO!

2.  I sent out *gulp* thirty-one invitations to my five year-old's birthday party.  I feel a little nauseated.  I keep telling myself, "He's worth it.  They won't all come.  He's worth it."

3.  My first grader got in the car after school today and he said, (with much distaste) "I got attacked by girls today.  I just tripped and fell and they jumped on me."  My first thought was "What kind of school are they running over there?" and then, "In 10 years you'll wish they'd jump on you."  Neither of which I said out loud.  

4.  For the last five years or so I've been reading a cozy mystery series by Nancy Atherton.  The "Aunt Dimity" series.  They are such a sweet read, you don't have to think very much, and everything always ends happily.  I got the most recent one today and I'm sad I'm not going to get to read it til after I get home from teaching my class and rehearsal.

5.  I wrote 6 more pages last night.  I'm getting there.  We've acheived catburglary!

That's it.  Happy Monday!