January 18th, 2007

Chicago - happy

The Dress, The Weather, The Meme

Little Black Dress From Hell Update:  Success!  I altered it so that I am now sitting on a very narrow strip of black fabric rather than my own knickers.  I also managed to lose a little weight so that my legs don't look like bratwurst encased in fishnet hosiery.  Well, not enormous bratwurst, anyhow.

It is supposed to snow 6-7 inches this weekend.  Listen, Old Man Winter, usually I wouldn't care, but I'm trying to do a show over here, so if you could wait till the Sunday Matinee to bring all that mess in, I'd appreciate it.  (Sundays are when the little old ladies - pink tints and blue rinse- come to see the plays and say "What did she say?!" at the top of their lungs.  Either that or have a nap & snore.  Annoying.)

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