January 15th, 2007

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Birthdays & Black Dresses...

A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who wished me well on my birthday yesterday...  13oct, peki, kristibisci, orpheus_samhain, fallenwitch, I so appreciate it.  I was a little maudlin about being a year older, but all the 'Happy Birthdays' helped drag me out of it.  I got around 20 cards from friends and family, and even a very beautiful one from rainpuddle!  Thanks!  (I'm still waiting on that corn pudding recipe, sister.  Ukrops doesn't ship here. :))

Hubby ( I'll keep him for now) got me a blue topaz and diamond necklace (on a platinum chain) to match the earrings and ring I got for Christmas '05, MIL gave me a bunch of stuff, including the best smelling candle ever, and I bought matching sets of pretty underthings and a ton of stuff from Bath and Body Works & two new CDs... Sinatra and the Beatles.   We had a lovely lunch at Thai Arawan...  best Thai food evah, and then went to see A Night at the Museum with the boys.  It was funny... Ben Stiller has absolutely no shame.  The man will do anything for a laugh.  You have to respect that.  Hubby took me to the mall, let me spend money without complaining, and then I went to rehearsal, where I got lots of hugs and well wishes from the cast and crew.   All in all, not a bad day.

"Little Black Dress from Hell" update...
Well, I brought the dratted thing home,(Shhh.  Don't tell.  I'm not supposed to, I don't think.)  and I put that horrific year of 'Craft of Costume' to use.  I let it out in the chest and hips, took in the waist...(the costumer told me that the last actor to wear it was a man in drag...  something about a lip synch to Josie and the Pussycats...  I didn't ask for details.  But no WONDER it didn't fit properly!)  And I wore it last night in tech rehearsal to see if I could sit in it without flashing anyone.  

I am sitting on my panties, people.  When I sit, there is no dress between my bum and the couch.   (Tech director assures me that he could see nothing.  Kind of a relief, but he's gay, too, so why would he be looking?) That, and I got a huge laugh when I went out to do the scene change between scene one & two. (You're not supposed to get laughs during the scene change XP) I have to pick up trash off the apron of the stage, about 2 feet from the front row.  Let's just say I did it gingerly. So I brought the *%$#@^ home again to see if there is ANY hem to be let out.  (When hubby saw it he said,"Where the hell's the rest of it?")
Wish me luck.  I think I'd even take a half inch at this point.

It's ELEVEN degrees here.  Tomorrow is supposed to be colder.  My feet haven't been warm in two weeks!  (And they didn't turn on the heat in the theatre last night when I was wearing a scrap of black fabric and some fishnets...  but that's a rant for another day.)

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