January 4th, 2007

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The Odd Couple

It occurs to me that I haven't posted about rehearsals in a while.  It's almost as if I'm not in a play, I get all the gratification with one tenth the preparation and effort.  The British dialect is flowing more smoothly, the cast is bonding, (YAY for male cast members - so uncomplicated) the director is happy, the crew laughs in all the right places;  I can't complain.  

Although, I do worry about the actor who plays Oscar (the messy half of the Odd Couple).  He yells a lot in act two and has veins that throb a bit in his forehead and neck when he shouts.  He's only in his early forties, I'd say, but watching him makes me wonder if I shouldn't brush up on my CPR.  The man literally looks as if he could stroke out at any minute.  He is also what we in the theatre call "A Faucet."  The man sweats *profusely*.  (And not in a sexy way at all)  It's January here on the High Plains, which means that at night when we rehearse it's about 32F outside, and there's not a lot of heat in the theatre, (I'm bundled up the whole time, holding a cup of coffee for warmth) and this guy is dripping.  Oh, well.  It's better than "A Sprinkler," otherwise known as the actor who spits when he projects his voice or enunciates.  (Front row patrons and fellow actors beware!)  No one said that it was a glamourous life I lead.

I was dealing with the fact that I'd gained about 5 lbs. over the holidays until I saw the costume that the director wants to put me in.  Holy Mother of Bad Words.  A *sleeveless* (argh) minidress and go-go boots. (I get the intense pleasure of showing my upper arms AND my upper thighs.) Dear God, Please help.  Will begin fasting immediately from everything but water and carrots for the next three weeks if none of my wobbly bits show in front of audiences.  I think I'm over that little breakdown, although I've not actually tried the costume on yet, so that last statement *could* be premature.

On a completely unrelated topic, I'm in the market for a new vacuum.  Anybody have one that they absolutely adore?  I have to get one soon.  The dog and kids can smell when it's the most inconvenient time to get dirt all over the house.:)