December 12th, 2006

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Rehearsal/NOT a stocking...

Rehearsal was awesome last night...  It was all about the Pigeon sisters and the whole cast (and crew) was there.  They're all men (with varying degrees of masculinity) except for the girl playing my sister, so that's a good situation.  (And she's growing on me)  No backbiting-sweet to your face-ugly behind your back women to deal with.  Just men, who aren't emotionally up to hiding their feelings, if indeed, they have any at all to hide!  The actor playing Oscar is absolutely adorable in the role...  I saw Nathan Lane (and Matthew Broderick) do The Odd Couple on Broadway last Spring, and he was good, but also kind of unbeleivable, because you know that he's gay.  Our Oscar isn't (he has a wife at least) but he's more butch than Nathan.  And cute.  Cute messy, y'know?

I say all of this firmly entrenched with the knowledge that I am in love with my husband and no one (Mom) should think any differently.  It's more of a character thing than the actor.  I don't even really know him, anyway.  We may have said a dozen words to each other off stage.  The actor playing Felix I've worked with before.  In Blithe Spirit, (see us here - I'm the green one) Anybody for Murder, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and probably othersI can't remember right now.  He's a good actor.  But he only does a couple of things.  He does them well, though.  And he keeps working.  You can't fault him there.

Anyway, I get to be maniacal, witty, sexy, funny, bitchy and cry, all in 2 scenes.  Neil Simon sure did cram a lot into these girls.  And I get to smoke.  On stage.  Haven't smoked since college.  (I didn't even really, then, I was afraid that it would make my voice deeper than it already was)  But think I should probably practice, a little at least, lest I start coughing uncontrollably.

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