December 6th, 2006

pretty ginny

Trophy Pants


Today I squared with a pair of Levis that I bought when I was a Senior in college (fully eleven years ago, before the joyful, yet figure-destroying births of my sons).  I had been eyeing this particular pair of pants for some time - they sat, mocking me,  at the back of the closet, somehow evading the bags of donations that I made up for Lighthouse for the Blind or Catholic Family Services.  This morning, with my masochistic streak firmly in place, I dragged them off the hanger and laid them out on the bed, knowing that the last time I tried to put them on the @#**@#$s hadn't gone past my gigantic hips.
So I put them on...  and imagine my shock when they slid into place with no effort, zipped easily (no lying on the bed with a pair of pliers - did anyone else do that in the 80's?) and buttoned without a chunk of fat hanging over the waistband.  It's a (n early) Christmas Miracle.

They fit.  They fit well.

Are they hopelessly out of date?  Oh, absolutely.  Why, yes.  Yes, they are.  They have tapered ankles and a waistband that practically goes up to underneath my breasts.  

Am I going to wear them?  Out in public?  No.  No 'mom jeans' in public.  Maybe to scrub bathrooms or something.

Will they make the next Goodwill bag?  

Hell, no.  For they are my trophy jeans.  I'm contemplating framing the damn things, actually.

And this next stuff seems horridly self indulgent and selfish, but it's my journal, and you needn't feel compelled, because really I need NOTHING.  God has dropped a big bucketload of blessings on our family this year and if I received absolutely nothing for Christmas, I would still have everything that I could possibly want or need.  With the exception of #4. 

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I also have changed the lyrics to My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music in a D/G-esque way.  I'm too embarrassed to post it anywhere, but if you want it, I'll send it to you.
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