September 21st, 2006

redshoes on bookstack

A child-free day....

My sweet husband just took BOTH boys to our cabin (hunting lease) for the day...  I am beside myself!  The mind reels with what to do with an entire day that is child free!

play on the computer 
come up with 5 themes for playwrighting
mop floors
not listen to kid movies
not fix four hundred snacks
not clean up the million messes they make during the day

We had our final dress rehearsal for Steel Magnolias last night.  There were several train wrecks.  Once the phone didn't ring because the operator went out to smoke...  then twice more because actresses had brain lapses.  I'm pretty sure we skipped a TON of stuff (important to the plot) and there were SILENCES on stage.  It was awful.  But, you know what they say, Horrid dress rehearsal, magnificent opening night.  Althought, tonight is actually "preview night" for this theatre...  they call Friday night the opening.  Regardless, there will be 470 people there to watch us.  They're completely sold out for this weekend.  It's thrilling and at the same time, nerve wracking.  I've never been in a show that was sold out...  except for musicals.  And somehow, to me, they don't count.  So it will all be fine.  I think that it scared the 6 of us so badly that we won't make those mistakes again.  Heavens, I hope not.  I don't want to have to kill anyone.  (I thought that this avatar was hysterical)

This morning, bright and freaking early, I was at The Eagle (radio station) to do an interview for the show...  that was interesting.  I wasn't really thinking, and I got ready and looked cute, hair...  makeup...  the works...  it was radio, Carrie.  Hello.  The deejays certainly do NOT dress up.  The man was very nice...  but talk about a face made for radio.  Yikes.  The girl was pretty, though.  And I think the news guy used to be an anchor on a news program here in town.  It was hard to tell in a wrinkled t-shirt and ball cap.  Anyway, it was fun.  I would love to do voice-over work.  I need to get an agent in town.  I do all kinds of accents.  Getting paid would be a huge improvement.

My life is so boring.  I can't beleive I just yped all that.

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