September 16th, 2006

pretty ginny


I have a headache.  The 'I stayed up too late working on the computer without my glasses' headache.  After going to bed at 3:30, was awakened at 7:30 by small children poking my face.

I love them.  I do.

I convinced them to let me sleep a little longer with promises of waffles "if you just let Mummy sleep 30 more minutes..."  About 15 rolled by before the eldest comes in and says, "I broke your plant.  I'm very sorry.  But I cleaned it up."

When I realized what he had said, I groaned.  Got up out of bed, and stumbled into the living room, pulling on my robe.  I was met with a very soiled living room.  

And when I say "soiled," that's exactly what I mean.  

They broke a potted ivy (big deal) that was on the table behind the couch.  But he had tried to clean it up.  And had swept potting soil into every nook, cranny and crevice of the hardwood floors in the living room.  Then he  proceeded to throw it all away in the bathroom trash can.  There was dirt ALL OVER THE BATHROOM.  On the countertop, in the tub(I didn't even ask) in the toilet, (I had to ask - he said he got it in there when he was getting the dustpan to the trash can) on the floor, in the rug.  The dog even had a fine layer of dirt on her coat.  I eyed her evilly.  She should have done something to stop it all.  She reminds me (in personality only) of Nana from Peter Pan.  Like she really runs the show and keeps them all in line.  Slacker.

So that's what I was greeted with when I awoke feeling for all the world like I had a hangover without the benefit of the alcoholic indulgence the night before.  I HAD CHAI TEA!  It's vastly unfair, I tell you.

I know what some would say.  You should have dragged yourself out of bed when you heard them awake and kept an eye on things.  Yeah...  should, woulda, coulda.  But didn't.  To them, I say, "Put it in the pantry with your cupcakes."  

 So yeah, I paid the price by having to clean up their mess of drastic proportions, but this is my journal, and I'll rant if I want to.

Silver lining?  They broke an really pitiful plant in an ugly pot.  So kudos on their choice of vandalism..  There is a china cabinet about 4 feet north with all manner of antique breakables that they didn't touch.  So.   And I'm pretty sure that they were being ninja turtles when the breakage occured.  So they were pretending and being creative, (which I heartily endorse) not just walking throught the sitting room with a baseball bat.  

In any case...  I still have the headache.  Lack of sleep and eye strain.  Working on a sonic diet coke now...  so hoping all will be better, soon.
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