September 12th, 2006

redshoes on bookstack

I Deplore and Detest Children's Birthday Parties

I'm glad my boys have friends.  Really.  I am.  But if I have to buy a gift and schlep to jump-n-jive ONE MORE TIME...  I'm going to poke out my left eye.

Why the left, you may ask?  

Because that's the one that has been twitching all day because I cannot get my picture to upload at myspace. com. 

Soooo....  I'm going to take a deep breath and shut down the freaking computer.  

I have to get ready for rehearsal anyway, I have to be ready for the Globe News photographer.  Must take a little extra care.  The only thing worse than being in the hometown newspaper is actually looking like you belong in the hometown newspaper.

So I'm going to go make myself pretty...  and then spend an hour in a germ infested NIGHTMARE while my kids catch the plague from that nasty place.  At least the husband and I are splitting the duty.  I only have to be there for the first hour.

Small Favors.  

Very small, since I have been waiting on said husband hand and foot with his head cold.  Okay, it's a BAD head cold, but I'm ready for him to suck it up, now, you know?  There's a reason I was a theatre major and not in nursing.

Rehearsal last night was FAB.  Jason Crespin was on book.  Tonight, it's Heidi Stricker. *winks*