August 27th, 2006

redshoes on bookstack apology to my Mom

Let me take you back to 1982.  I am a young girl in the second grade and my mother (who is perfecly - mostly - normal now) was going through a "granola " phase...  carob intead of chocolate, growing her own bean sprouts, using wheat germ in everything...  wait.  she may still do that...  I love her anyway...  so I sit down to lunch and open up my smurf lunchbox to find I have a peanut butter, shredded carrot and raisin sandwich.  Being seven, it does not occur to me to actually eat it.  I am grossed out, and my teacher buys me lunch that day.  (Thank you, Mrs. Tillman, wherever you are.) 

Anyhow, we fast forward 26 years to me getting my september 2006 issue of southern living...  like the bible of cooking and decorating for the south.  And on page 22 of said periodical, there is an article about Peanut Butter sandwiches.  There is a FULL PAGE PICUTRE of a peanut butter, shredded carrot and banana sandwich, with granola sprinkled on it.  The other "suggeted ingredients include - YEP.  Raisins.

so, either my mother was way ahead of her time in 1982, or southern living is just as whacked out a she was 26 years ago.

I probably still wouldn't eat it.  I love you, Mom.  The pic isn't you.  It's me.

Nolan got home.  YAY!

The 's' button is out on my laptop so I have pasted an 's' in every place that you see one in this post.  That is dedication. Must get it fixed.  Must get new computer.

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