August 25th, 2006

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Nolan is gone this weekend, out of town on a church men's retreat, and I am alone with the boys.  Actually just Aaron right now, and not really even him, as he is lying on the couch beside me, snoring.  Like father, like four year old son.  

I lifted weights this morning and am rather tired.  And hungry.  I'd forgotten how exercising makes you completely ravenous all the time.  It was a good class, anyway.  I'm pleasantly sore, and have no rehearsal tonight so I can memorize, order pizza for the boys and generally become a sofa slug.  I'm expecting a netflix delivery today as well...  yippee for me!  

It's that time of the year again folks...  time to start Christmas shopping.  What does everyone want?  Get your requests in now.  

Katie's asleep, too.   Ah, well, I'll not take it personally.  I happen to know I'm a very entertaining conversationalist...  

Rehearsal went very well for me last night...  we ran the M'Lynn/Shelby scene 4 times and then I was released.  It felt good.  Be even better when we get the books out of our hands, of course.  Cindi (M'Lynn) is really fun to act with.  She gives so much in a scene, and I can tell she's still playing with reactions a little.  Oooh, fun, fun.  It's gonna be great when we nail it all down.

After rehearsal last night I went to the grocery store BY MYSELF.  What a sad testimony that THAT is a special treat.  But it was.  I like to put on my ipod and go down every isle, even though I only needed a few things.  One joy I have is to pick out produce.  I like to look at it all and find the perfect pieces of fruit.

You know what, I take back what I said earlier about scintillating conversation.  

I do believe I may be a bit boring.  But I think I can live with that.

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