Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Greetings From Sunny Sanibel!

Okay, so technically there's a thunderstorm this afternoon, but that's fine by me; I've had enough sun before four p.m. today to last through the evening.

Anyhoo, vacation is going swimmingly (she said, grinning like a dork at her own pun).  Yesterday was full of oceanic waves, sandcastles, naps and sun.  Five year-old Lillian and I painted our toenails and did our hair, and I've already had more seafood since I've been here than I've had all year.

There is a lot of wildlife.  *purses lips*  Lizards and iguanas and pelican flybys and starfishes and sand dollars.  Little invisible bugs called sand fleas.  I'm soldiering through, though.  I was still in the room getting my swimsuit on when the boys and Nolan saw a dolphin - but they've teased me mercilessly about it.  Nolan said the guy was all mopey, asking where I was.  And Ethan is officially the boy who called 'dolphin.'  He and I spent a fantastic couple of hours playing in the ocean early this morning; he kept saying, "Mom!  MOM!  Dolphin!  There he is!  Behind you!!"  Inevitably, I turn to look (you would, too, if you'd been through my ordeal) and I see nothing.  He did this three or four times and then the last time he sneaked behind me and made the 'Eeee eee eee!" creepy, dolphin-like sound.

That kid is just his dad made OVER.

But we're having a great time.  We got the boys' bags last night, and with the exception of me wincing every time I touch my forehead (which I do about a hundred times a day) and a crappy restaurant experience last night (never, ever ever eat at the Island Cow, if you're in Sanibel - they're just awful people), it's been delightful in nearly every way possible.  My boys (all three of them) are gone to Miami to see a baseball game, and I'm blissfully alone.  :D  Happy vacation to me!

I know that I have worries and stresses waiting for me at home, but for now it's only vacation, and I'll think about all the rest of it later.  There'll be plenty of time for real life when I'm back in Texas, after all.
Tags: cute kid story, ethan, i hate woodland creatures, vacation

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