Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Bulleted, 'cause I'm dying.

  • wrote longhand on fan fic today on a plane.  Forgot how therapeutic it is to put pencil to page.
  • took FOUR flights (Amarillo->Dallas->New Orleans->Orlando-> Ft. Myers, then a 20 minute rental car ride to the condo.
  • smacked head in Orlando Airport.  Bled.  Blacked out a little.  Am better now.
  • Nolan mentioned how graceful I am
  • I told him to shut up
  • Staying in very nice condo in Florida.  Is muggy here.  The humidity has humidity.
  • had crab bisque for dinner.  Yum.
  • Ethan and Aaron's bag got lost somewhere from Orlando to Ft Myers.  I know this because we had to RECHECK the bags in Orlando.
  • bag had 2 library books in it, and all their new clothes, puls 2 new beach towels.  Grrrr.
  • Thus, on my first night of vacation, I'm doing laundry.  *Irony*
  • And tracyj23 ?  It took 45 minutes.  And 13 hours before I lost my temper.  :)
I have a sort of dull ache on my head and a lovely bruise erupting, so I'm headed to bed.  Here's hope this day isn't a portent of things to come for the next 7 days.

*Waves and crashes*
Tags: fan fic, food, i'm an idiot, nolan, vacation

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