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Electronic Mail Mercy

Here's an exchange that Nolan and I had this morning via email. And this is a pretty good example of our relationship, too.

Carrie to Nolan

And son #2 was just sick all over the living room rug.

Our house is 90% tile and hardwood, you know?


Nolan to Carrie
Give them direction that in the midst of vomiting it would be nice if they thought of you and your plight and to try and vomit on a surface that is easier to clean. You could always get the dogs to help?
What about #1. Is he back to his old self or is he still feeling puny?

You are a great mom. I love you.


Carrie to Nolan


Son #1 is burning toast as we speak. Your wife might also have this virus.


Nolan to Carrie

Yes, I am fully aware that you are susceptible as am I. In fact, last night I thought to myself if this is a virus we may all get it. Hey, at least we aren’t already on vacation.

If you could, wait to throw up until I get home. That way I can hold your hair and then clean up after you.


Carrie to Nolan

When did you learn to use commas?


Nolan to Carrie

HHHHAAAA HHHHAAA. I hope you throw up on your own shoes.


Carrie to Nolan.

Bite me. And the joke's on you. I'm not wearing any shoes.

We totally deserve each other.
Tags: aaron, adventures in marriage, adventures in parenting, ethan, i'm sick

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