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Audition Update, birthday greetings...

Happy 19th birthday, kristibisci.  Don't do anything I wouldn't (have done at 19) do.  Have a great time.  

My audition went well, I read for both parts, and the director laughed in all the right places.  He gave me direction, I followed it, yada, yada, yada.  I've done 3 other plays for this director before.  He either knows what I'm capable of, and will cast me (because he loves me) or he'll find two women who look like sisters.  I don't care which one I get, either.  They're essentially the same character, anyway.  

The girl he had me read with was good.  I don't think she'll be officially auditioning, but it was nice to have some talent to read with rather than whatever stage hand happened to be standing around at the time.  My only problem with her was that she got Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and I didn't.  And she kissed my husband (In the play!  He was 'Brick').  Grrr.  Still get a little flushed when I think about that.  So anyway, I'll find out after Thanksgiving about the part.  Think positive, all.

Posted a new chaptered!fic this morning.  Hopefully it  will be accepted with less drama than the last one...

Tomorrow we leave for 8 days!  Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia (I'll wave, Rainpuddle!).  Can't wait!  Am so excited I could scream!
But I won't.  

So I'm driving Ethan to school and he sees a birthday party invitation that we are unable to attend *mommy screams silently in joy*and he asks to see it.  So I give it to him, and he reads it...  and asks, "Mom, what does R.S.V.P mean?  And I tell him the French translation, and he just looks at me with this blank stare, looks back at the card, and says, "Where do I check "No?"

I thought it was funny, anyway.  Maybe you had to be there.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Even those in Canada, Australia and Germany!)


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