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Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

My words from maureen were:

1. Humor - Can you believe my husband sometimes accuses me of not having a sense of humor? The truth is, I've always been able to make people laugh, intentionally or not intentionally. One of the nicest things any director has ever said about me is, "I love a pretty girl who's not afraid of doing whatever it takes for the joke." It's true. From faceplanting in a bowl of cornflakes to tap dancing with a silly hat on my head, I've done it all on stage. In real life, I just tell the truth. More often than not, it's the funniest of all. As far as writing goes, I have years of experience with dialogue, and it's just one of those things that flows easily. I love snappy banter, I love comedic characters. I love the people that are funny without having to try very hard. Eugene Ionesco once wrote, "Dying is easy; comedy is hard."

So, you know, there's that.

2. Wine - My favorite right now is Smoking Loon cabernet or merlot. Not sweet, kind of smoky and smooth with a clean finish. Moderately priced, too. A win/win. If I were to have a cocktail, it would be a gin and tonic or a vodka/soda. If I'm feeling particularly indulgent, a colorado bulldog. (Vodka, kahlua, milk and a splash of coke - tastes like chocolate milk. Chocolate milk that'll knock you on your ass, though. ;)

3. Music
- I really love all kinds.Nolan and I played The Great XM Radio Game this weekend in the car and I kicked his ass. (And then he kicked mine, but with music like Cher, Ricky Martin and Bananarama, so I told him he was going to have his heterosexual card revoked.)

4. Coffee - I buy Roasters (Amarillo company) Costa Rican whole bean and grind it at home. Then, to make my morning cuppa(s), I head some milk for 30 seconds, froth it, add a Splenda and pour hot coffee to fill. Delish. Sometimes, though, I buy Dunkin Donuts whole bean, too. It's surprisingly good, and about $4 less a pound than my absolute fave. In a concession to my spreading hips and new weight loss regime, I've begun using fat free half and half. *makes a face* The things you do for beauty.

5. Art - Nolan and I have a lot of real artwork - paintings and watercolors in the house. We bought a gorgeous impressionistic painting of a girl entitled "Taking a nap" that is my favorite right now. Makes me peaceful to look at it. My office is currently a painting studio, too; I've been dabbling with watercolors and acrylics a bit. It's fun.

And, art is what you make it. Being with paint, the pen, on stage or with words, making life beautiful and pleasing is fun.
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