Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Yin and Yang

  • I was swerved into on the access road to I-40, consequently got a hole in my tire I could put a fist through
  • Nolan told me I should have let the car hit mine
  • Ethan (who is 350 miles away) got nine staples in his head by hitting his head on the diving board
  • My mom had to take him to the Emergency Room
  • I cried a lot today
  • Nolan was grouchy about insurance and ER visits
  • We had a BLAZING white hot argument/fight thingy
  • I got dive bombed by a  freaking bird in the backyard
  • I have a headache, puffy eyes and an emotional hangover

  • Nolan called one of the shop guys and my tire was fixed in under 30 minutes
  • I was uninjured
  • I picked up a new hurricane lamp thingy that we won at the silent auction Saturday night
  • I got a list of tentative audition dates for the new season
  • Ethan is still not afraid to do a backflip off the diving board *sigh*
  • Ethan is (for the most part - minus the 9 staples) okay
  • My Mom is a good grandmother and cares for my children.  Tom has unending patience. 
  • AJ had a great time at tennis and golf camp
  • Nolan apologized profusely for being a GTA
  • I weeded the flower beds and they look fantastic
  • There's a nest of baby birds in one of our trees
  • I ate a coffee ice cream come with Heath bits from Marble Slab
So it all balances out, I think.
Tags: adventures in marriage, ethan
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