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I'm all dolled up and the hubs is taking a nap.

The boys just left with the sitter, and Nolan and I are about to go do our duty to the theatre by working the yearly special event starring Linda Eder, star of stage...  and stage, I guess.  She was in Jekyll and Hyde on Broadway, and she has a beautiful voice.  So we take tickets at the door and serve champagne to the rich folks, and we still get to see her minus the $250 dollar a ticket price tag.

That's just good math, I say.

After that, we get to go to the gala party afterward, which is lotsa fun.  Open bar, live band, free food...  what could be better?

*grins*  Next weekend, we get to do it all over again for the ALTA awards.  I'm nominated for something or other (don't expect to win, but it really is nice just to be nominated), and it's the same drill.  Except no rich folks, all actors, which is a rocking good time, let me just say.

And my boys leave Monday for 5 days for tennis and golf camp.  And after they come back, it looks like they'll be leaving again to visit their cousins in Colorado.  *wibbles*  Don't know if I can let them go for two weeks in a row.  I might have to revoke my 'beta mom' card.  Hrm.

Last bit of news, we're having fajitas for father's day dinner tomorrow and inviting a ton of folk, so it looks like I'll be cleaning and cooking tomorrow, which is alot like what I did on Mother's Day.  Maybe without the twinge of resentment.

Y'all have a good weekend, you hear? And happy father's day to ... Daniel?  I think you're the only father on my f-list.  And to any an all other lurkers out there.  Live it up on your day, guys!  Stop by for fajitas if you're in town.  :D

Tags: cooking, f-list, random, theatre

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