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My New Beatles Dog

So we have a new addition to the family.

She's so sweet.

Her name is Abbey (like the Road!) and we adopted her from the AISD Superintendent of schools and his wife. They're downsizing, and their sweet 7 year-old yellow lab wasn't going to have a yard to play in, anymore. So they asked if we'd take her.

I, of course, fell in love instantly. Her face is so stinking cute. It was love at first sight.

Katie did not fall in love right away. She'll warm up.

Nolan says Abbey (Who the boys call Abs - too much NCIS, I guess) needs to lose a little weight. (*cough* So do I *cough*) and so she's going to accompany me on my 5 miles a day. This is what she looked like after.

I think she's going to fit in around here just fine. :D

Edit: And don't forget to vote at dg_ldws! I dare you to guess which one is mine. You totally won't be able to, I'm so stealthy. ;)
Tags: abbey, d/g, drabbles, katie

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