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Retreat and Repenetance of 7 deadly zins.

So the women's retreat was fine.  Nothing Earth shattering happened, but my monologues were well received, I made some new friends, and confessed to the girls that I was riding with that I was, indeed, hung over for all of Friday.  (It says something for my church that they just laughed with me and went on rather than sticking thier pious noses in the air)  I'm really not a heavy drinker...  Just wine and the occasional cocktail...  But I'm 33.  I should really know better...  I started an hour before dinner on an empty stomach...and the waiter (who, incedentally, is an actor friend I intend on having a little chat with very soon) kept filling my glass before it was empty...  I know that's his job but..  Ahhh!  Have only felt that horrid (at my own hand) two other times in my life.  Once (before I was 21) with tequila...  haven't been able to touch the stuff since.  That's been years!  And once with White Zinfandel the year I was married.  This wine that did all the damage Thursday night was called, ironically enough, Seven Deadly Zins.  Clever, huh?  So anyway.  Am off wine for a bit.  Hopefully will be back on my game for Thanksgiving.

My husband is the best! I am sorry that everyone can't be married to him, because he's the most thoughtful, caring man on the planet.  Not only did he ditch work (which is not a huge big deal for him, but still) to take care off Aaron and pick up Ethan while I was hugging the porcelain god, he also gave me a full body massage and just generally took care of me on Friday, brought me ice water, tylenol and tea, and was a sweetheart.  And only made fun of me a couple of times.  Meh.  I really couldn't blame him.  But when I got home from the retreat, it was to discover that he had been to an auction and bought all manner of fun things for the house!  Squee! I mean, we're talking Antique Oriental Rugs, Occasional Tables, Depression Glass pieces, and antique quilts (that he derives absolutely no pleasure from, so I know they are just for me).  And he's hot.  You just gotta love him.  Actually, from this post he sounds a little gay...what with the dishes and quilts, but I assure you, this is not the case.  He's possibly the most masculine guy on the planet.

Have a great week, all!


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