Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Happy List

This day has sucked baboon butt. Seriously.  So, instead of bitching, I give you my top ten things that have made me happy today.

10.  Fresh blueberries that don't cost $5 for a handful.  Fresh fruit season, in fact.  Delightful.
9.  Recipe Blogs.  The Pioneer woman, in particular.
8.  The story for ronpansy_fest rocking right along.  seegrim  and I have a nice little story happening.  :)  We're at 8,332 words.
7.  That I can say the whole prologue to Star Trek.  (Nolan says this shouldn't make me happy, but assures that I am, in fact really dorky.  Something you and I already knew. *wink*)
6.  Children laughing as they play in the sprinkler.  The fact that my kids are still entertained by doing so.
5.  My ipod jack for the car.  Tunes.  Always make me happy.  AC/DC with the sunroof open.
4.  Friends keeping me company on the phone while I grocery shop.
3.  Clean sheet day!
2.  Lists.  Grocery, to do, and the satisfaction that comes from crossing things off of them.
1.  Winning stuff!

My sister and her cute family arrive tonight, so I'll be away for most of the weekend - I'll probably be available again Sunday evening.  Have a good one, y'all!
Tags: 100+ things that make me happy, cooking, drabbles, i'm an idiot, mini happy list, music, pansy, silliness

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