Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Adventures in Parenting or a Cute Kid Story. You decide

So I was going to do a thought-y post about friendship and not giving up on people vs. dumping the toxic people in your life, which the Smitten blog had me thinking about, but  I'll shelve that and save it for another day.

Instead, I'll tell you about an exchange that just happened in my living room.

(Ethan, Aaron and Nolan are watching Transformers, which is evidently rated PG-13.  At one point the main character is running from one of the evil Transformers, and is swearing up a storm, using the 's' word.)

Aaron.  (looks at Nolan) We're not supposed to say that word.

Nolan.  No, you're not.

(they watch a bit more)

Nolan.  You know what, AJ?

Aaron.  What?

Nolan.  If you're running for your life away from a giant, evil alien robot, you can say that.  You cuss up a storm.

Aaron.  (big grin)  Awesome.


Parenting is a journey, folks.  :D

Tags: aaron, adventures in parenting, cute kid story, nolan

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